An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the introductory post of the blog!

Before you continue reading, it would be beneficial to read this NYT article by Eric Weiner. I would highly recommend it! He explains the concept of thin places in a way that I think is absolutely perfect, and his narrative hits on a lot of essential ideas this blog will discuss.

I first heard the term “thin place” while listening to a podcast about paranormal phenomena with some friends. The idea grabbed me immediately. What an interesting concept! In fact, it was one of those concepts that I really couldn’t get out of my head. I intentionally started to look at my life through the lens of thinness, trying to keep my mind open to moments that perhaps had passed by my awareness before. The idea of thin places has helped me define those beautiful, transcendent moments in my life where I felt so in touch with myself, with other people, or with the divine. (Or, as Weiner puts it so brilliantly, “the Infinite Whatever”). This understanding of the world is one that I want to continue seeking each day.

I love Weiner’s connection of thin places to the “transformative magic of travel.” I agree with his position – that the visitation of thin places does not explicitly promise a “spiritual breakthrough” or other drastic life change, but that it “disorients” us. It invites the reevaluation of life as we know it, and our perspective has the potential to shift. Currently, my life is in a place of transition, and I am living with the opportunity to see so many new, inspiring things and meet so many new, inspiring people. It excites me to think of the adventures and discoveries that could be revealed to me, and how different life could be this time next year. I hope to capture that journey here – so, if you’re interested, you should stick around!

In the past, I’ve experienced thin places through art and beauty. I’ve experienced them through traveling and visiting places that awe me. I’ve experienced them through the kindness and understanding of other people. I’ve experienced them during shavasana, one hand resting on my beating heart and the other rising and falling with my belly. I’ve experienced them as I sit among strangers, contemplating the divine under the stained-glass windows of a church. I’ve experienced them in more mundane moments as well – as the perfect song comes on during the midnight drive, or when I ride the metro and share a laugh with a stranger, or when I realize how comfortable I feel, how myself I feel, when I am sitting among friends who love me and know me deeply.

Where have you experienced thin places? I invite you to look at your life through a lens of thinness. It could be a particular place, a certain city, a favorite piece of art, or a specific moment in your life that comes immediately to your mind. I encourage you to think about these things and consider how they have impacted your life.

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to the future of this blog.

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