Happy 2020, everyone! The new decade has begun!

First, a preface:

One of my goals for the new year is to dive more into my creative hobbies and outlets. This blog is one of those hobbies, and I want to be better at blogging about my experiences when they happen versus waiting a very long time to finally come around and write them. (For example, this draft about my trip to Dublin has been sitting in my Drafts since September. Yikes).

After some thought, I’ve decided to take a new approach to these “catch-up” posts. Usually I write for a few days, working on a post about a trip, taking breaks and refreshing my mindset to try to create a thoughtful piece. I love the process, but it does take a very long time as I reflect back on my recent trip. However, in this case, I want to catch up quickly as new adventures are on the horizon for which I want to be prepared to blog about.

For these blog posts, I will use photography as the main medium of recollection. We took a lot of pictures on these trips, so I will use these and add writing to support the photos instead of my usual procedure, which is using my photography to support my writing.

I’ve been using a film camera when I travel, which has been a cool new thing. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning, but so far I’m proud of my progress! I’ll be some of these on these next few posts. I made an Instagram account especially for my film photos if you’re interested in checking out more. Click here to see it, or look on the sidebar – it should be there too.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Here goes my actual Dublin post. I hope you enjoy!


The sunset photo on the left shows the street of our Airbnb. It was right on the River Liffey. My favorite part of that photo is the little swan friends that are seen swimming around.

The photo on the right is a random street that I thought was quite lovely with all the flowers decorating the balconies and windows. The streets of downtown Dublin were similar – there was a lot of floral decor, cobblestone, and red and orange brick buildings. It was beautiful in September, but now I have the itch to return when it’s a greener season.


Here’s Dublin Castle. Notice the two types of architecture squished together – the 13th century medieval style on the right, and the 17th century Georgian style on the left. This is because a fire in 1684 demanded the rebuild, and thus the castle is a wonderfully interesting structure of history that you can trace through the centuries.


Here’s another view of the city, but not so much in the tourist center. I really liked the yellow raincoat on the biker and the buildings behind them.

Above on the left we have the most delicious dinner I had eaten in a very long time. We had a shepherd’s pie, an Irish stew (simmered with Guinness, of course), and soda bread. It was a chilly and rainy night and I remember that the food was just the absolute best pick-me-up we could have had.

On the right is a photo edit made by my friend (thanks Dani). We took a long walk around the Southside neighborhood of Dublin. The architecture is very distinct in its Georgian style. You can find beautiful streets with doors of every color and archways to die for.

These last two pictures are from the Georgian district as well. I had to include them because: 1) in the first you can see some more of that classic Georgian style, squares and rectangles galore, 2) in the second you can see the street sign in Irish [as the country has bilingual signs everywhere you go, and it is a fascinating language], and 3) because I opened my camera with the film still inside on accident. Check out that effect.

Thanks for reading my catch-up post! More to come very, very soon. If you want to connect with me, you can find me over at my contact page or tweet me. Happy New Year – may the beginning of your 2020 be off to a great start!

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